Vacation Home Rentals


Virtual tours sell more reservations for vacation rentals than anything. It is a “one click” tour of your vacation home –  just as you would personally tour potential guests.


You also receive beautiful, professional still images you can use on your own website, VRBO, youtubeetc. You receive weekly traffic reports to show how many people viewed your tour. Your tour appears on YouTube, the world’s #2 search engine. It can Also be posted to Facebook, VRBO and others.

If your rooms or homes are occupied at this time, I can photograph the property exterior and finish it later in the season, such as September and October, or the beginning of the next season. Every area property owner is pleased with the results of their virtual tours. Here are some examples. Click the links below.

Jackson, White Mountains, NH vacation home –

Wells Beach Maine – Wells Beach Maine Vacation Home

Hyannis Port, Cape Cod – A compound of vacation cottages. www.harborvillage.comnotice that there are a number of area activity images on this tour.

I can create your tour for as little as just $195 plus a small annual hosting fee ($95) on our high speed server, so it doesn’t slow your website down. This includes up to 12 images and one rotational image. Additional images are done at a small additional rate. You decide the final cost.

The arrangement of still images on your website pages is very important. You want to have many smaller images on the page that are “clickable”, and don’t force the viewer off the page. Proper use of captions helps the viewer to know what they are looking at and keeps the presentation organized.


Virtual videos increase your position on Google, Yahoo and Bing. If viewers “bounce” off your site quickly, your site tends to have less credibility. If viewers stay, even for 2 – 3 minutes to watch a short virtual tour or video, your site is display more “credibility” to search engines.

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